Live Review- Five Reasons to Love Madame Mayhem!

Madame Mayhem played a killer set during a one off last week  (a one off is a single show not part of a bands major tour)  at Mentor’s Music Lynxx , the lucky ones that attended got an upfront and in your face dose of metal  which left smiles on their faces. The band is in the middle of a spring tour with the mighty Sevendust playing across the US and all parts in between to packed venues and eager fans. In honor of the bands current tour and latest single we present you with Five Reasons to Love Madame Mayhem.

 Madame Mayhem Live On Stage
1-Get In On The Magic

When I first saw Metallica with the original members (almost, Dave Mustaine was out) I knew they were going to be huge, the same with Nirvana (I saw them for two dollars at a low dough show !) and the time is right for this band. The instant vibe you feel when they hit the stage, the impact to all around and when you walk out of the venue you say to yourself, wow they are going to be huge one day. I can feel it.

 Madame Mayhem Live On Stage
2-Girl Power

I am not talking about the Spice Girls girl power, but when I am talking about is the powerful juggernaut of a female fronted band. In the wake of Doro and Liv Sin she (Madame Mayhem) represents what is best in a female fronted band. Serious musicianship, vocal range, singing (not screaming, screamos please take voice lessons)  and the ability to create melody and feelings in songs. True girl power. (Tell Ya What I Want What I Really, Really Want)

 Madame Mayhem Live On Stage

3-Old School Metal at It’s Best!

Do you remember when guitars were huge walls of sound , songs had melodies and singers knew how to sing. Well Madame Mayhem did not forget, in fact she and her band plan to bring it back in a hard and heavy way. Heavy metal that is and she knows how to bring it with emotion that makes you mad, sad and excited. The old is now new and its name is Madame Mayhem. Madame Mayhem Live On Stage


4-Fan Connection

I watched as the band signed autographs and posed with photos with the fans with out the over priced and dreaded “VIP Experience” that has become a norm in the music industry. The real connection with the fans  and answers to their questions were the making of  rockstars in my opinion. The band even watched the support acts and gave up and comers encouragement to continue their music journey. Now that is a true rockstar!

 Madame Mayhem Live On Stage
5-Madame Mayhem herself!

Not her birth name, but a name bestowed upon her as a child as to the bedlam she created as a toddler. Now the name is synonymous with power driven female fronted metal and rock n’roll that is Madame Mayhem. Not only is she beautiful and looks like a true rock goddess she also has the background as a multi instrumentalist to back it up. If they are playing at a venue anywhere near you I suggest you get to one of their shows before they start playing arenas and you kick your self.

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We have to give a shout out to support act Assault , who’s vision to bring old school thrash brought a smile to our faces.

Assault Live On Stage